Personalized sleep coaching that works

Nyxo is the best aid for improving your sleep quality. We combine leading sleep research and your sleep tracker’s data to provide you with personalized and actionable coaching, so you could sleep better.

Keep Your Circadian Rhythm in Check

Nyxo helps you to keep your day and night rhythms running on the correct time, improving your sleep, energy levels and more.

Understand Your Sleep

Nyxo provides you with state of the art sleep analysis tools. Get insightful and actionable about your sleep and day rhythm such as the optimal bedtime.

Personalized Sleep Coaching

Together with some of the leading sleep researchers, we have developed a 4-week long sleep coaching program that helps you to improve all aspects of your day-rhythm from waking up and falling asleep to nutrition and exercise. Based on how your sleeping the coaching customizes itself to provide you with the most relevant help to change your habits.

Use Any Tracker on the Market

Or track your sleep with just our app. Nyxo makes it easy to import your existing sleep trackers data. From Beddit sleep sensor to Fitbit Versa and Apple Watch with Sleep Cycle, Nyxo works with all of these. If you don’t own a sleep tracker, you can also use Nyxo to track your sleep.

Developed Together with Scientists

We believe that science can solve all of humanity’s problems, which is why we¬†work closely together with scientists to understand how the quality of life can be improved. In addition to being research-driven, we are also human-centered, believing that design and technology can elevate scientific research. We focus on turning that research that into products that make it easy for you to change your life towards a better one, even in the matter of days.


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