Nyxo for Businesses

Nyxo for Businesses

Healthy Organization is a Well Performing Organization

Nyxo is perfect for companies interested in the wellbeing of their workers.

The simplest solution for improving your Organizations well-being

Building an organization with healthy employees doesn’t have to be hard. Nyxo for Businesses is al

What’s included

Here’s what you get when your company starts using SleepCircle for Companies:

Nyxo Coaching

All your employees get access to the full Nyxo experience, this includes our science-based sleep coaching program and Nyxo Cloud service for storing sleep data.

Monthly Reporting

Every month we will send you a report of how well your employees are sleeping, is your organization’s well-being improving or not, and what you should do on a organizational level to improve it.

Starting Session

In the beginning, we will send one our Sleep specialist to give an introduction to sleep and well-being. For additional pricing, you can also get a session where Sleep specialist will go through the results of one month’s sleep coaching.

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